10 Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Crafters: Wisdom from Those Who’ve Been There

10 Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Crafters: Wisdom from Those Who’ve Been There

Crafting is a beautiful journey of creativity and self-expression, but as with any pursuit, there are always lessons to be learned along the way. We reached out to experienced crafters to uncover their insights and reflections on their crafting journeys. From their stories, we’ve gathered seven valuable lessons that aspiring crafters should keep in mind as they embark on their own creative endeavours.

1. Embrace the Joy of Discovery

Alison Board, a seasoned crafter, reminds us, “All the things I have learnt from my job have been at the right time for where I am at that moment, so I don’t think there is anything I wish I had known, I have enjoyed all of the discoveries.” Alison’s perspective is refreshing – every lesson in our creative journey comes at the perfect time. Instead of lamenting what could have been known earlier, focus on relishing the joy of discovery along the way.

    2. Grow with Your Hobby

    John Scott wisely advises, “Don’t spend a fortune on buying every gadget going. Let your hobby grow with you. You could splash out on the best of everything only to find your dream hobby is something else.” Crafting is a journey, and as John suggests, investing in the best tools right away might lead to regrets if your creative interests evolve. Allow your craft to naturally unfold and accumulate tools and supplies as you explore your true creative passions.

    3. Embrace Uncertainty

    Molly Cawthorn encourages us, “To try something even if I’m not confident about how the end product will turn out.” Molly’s insight speaks to the heart of creativity – it’s about pushing boundaries and venturing into the unknown. Embrace uncertainty and watch your skills and imagination flourish.

    4. Savour the Thrill of Bargain Hunting

    Nicky Ward shares her practical wisdom, “Not to buy everything you think you need all at once – sometimes you inherit things from friends and relatives, find other bits in charity shops etc and you don’t even need some things you think you do!” Nicky reminds us that treasures can be found in unexpected places. Thrift stores and gifts from loved ones often hold the perfect supplies, and the hunt can be just as rewarding as the crafting itself.

    5. Crafting as a Beautiful Obsession

    Tracy Perks celebrates her love for crafting, “How obsessive crafting is! I absolutely love crafting, making, sewing, and researching crafting.” Tracy’s passion for crafting is a powerful reminder that your hobby can become an integral part of your identity. Embrace this passion and let it fuel your creative journey.

    6. Storage Woes and Growth

    Sandra Rushton‘s wisdom hits close to home, “I wish I knew how much storage space I would need as crafty stash seems to grow before your eyes.” Sandra’s insight speaks to the practical side of crafting. As your supplies grow, so does the need for organized storage. Planning for this growth from the start can save you from a cluttered workspace down the road.

    7. Embrace the Journey of Learning

    The Crafty Lass imparts a lesson that extends beyond crafting: “That not everyone knows what they are doing either – just give things a try and see what happens! (I think this is for craft and for life?!)”. These wise words remind us that learning is a journey, both in crafting and in life. Sometimes, you just have to dive in and learn as you go, embracing mistakes as part of the process.

    8. Perfectionism kills passion

    Alison Chinn reminds us that crafting is about the journey and not about being a master artist from day one, “You don’t have to be perfect to start. Whatever stage you’re at in your creativity, nothing has to be ‘exhibition standard’ by your eyes or anyone else’s to just put the work out there. You’re always improving and nothing is ever ‘perfect’ so just get stuck in and go for it, the rest will be a journey!”. Her encouragement to just start crafting, no matter your ability speaks to Craftember’s message that crafting is for everyone, not just the experts!

    9. Comparison is the thief of joy

    Cassandra Connolly’s message is to “Be kind to yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all those amazing time lapse videos you see on social media took years of practice. Not everything you make will be “Instagram worthy” and rushing to try and be good at something will probably make the craft unenjoyable and defeat the object of sitting down to create in the first place. Crafting should be about the journey not just the finished project, so enjoy the peace and mindfulness which comes with it.” She reminds us that, although social media is an invaluable tool for creating community and sharing our crafts, it’s a highlight reel! You mustn’t feel compare your reality with someone else’s edited perfection, Craftember is all about improving mental health and well-being.

    10. Craft yourself a better brain

    Sara Davies speaks to the heart of Craftember’s intention, saying, “I think people tend to overlook all of the different benefits of crafting and I know that this is something I certainly wasn’t fully aware of before I started crafting. For example, you have the enjoyment of being inspired and seeking out new ideas for the next project, focusing on something using our hands and letting our minds completely relax brings mindfulness and then there’s the satisfaction of actually finishing a project and perhaps gifting it to someone.”

    As you embark on your own crafting adventure, remember to enjoy the process, take your time acquiring supplies, embrace uncertainty, nurture your passion, prepare for growth, and understand that learning is a fundamental part of the journey.

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