Crochet a Spicy Pumpkin

Crochet a Spicy Pumpkin

Craftember ambassador, Nicky Ward from A Heart Shaped Cherry, has shared a step-by-step guide for her cute crocheted pumpkins…

I love seeing handmade pumpkins at this time of year and having been asked a previous year for some, I decided 2023 was the year to design my own version!  I like the pale pumpkins you see occasionally, so based my design on those – they go with every decor! I also like the way front post stitches add structure and depth to a project (saves on stuffing too!), so went with a rustic minimalist vibe!

This pattern is simple and written in UK terms, but you do need to familiarise yourself with a foundation treble row, plus front post treble and back post treble stitches – why not make this mini project the reason to learn these stitches? 

This pattern is designed for super chunky yarn to create a rustic minimalist look.  I have made these pumpkins with Zpagetti by Hoooked and Recreate Chunky by Stylecraft – both recycled yarns.

The hook size will vary according to the yarn you choose and your tension, but err on the side of a smaller hook, rather than large, so the finish will be tighter and the stuffing won’t fall through the stitches.  I used an 8 mm hook with my choice of Zpagetti. 

You don’t need to worry about gauge/tension, just make sure you get a nice close stitch, with no gaps in the crochet.

Also required: 
1 x cinnamon stick, some recycled cotton stuffing (or alternative), 1 x large eye needle (to sew ends in), pair of scissors.


Ch – chain
Sl st – slip stitch
Ftr – Foundation Treble Row
FPtr – Front post Treble
BPtr – Back post Treble


Row 1:  Ch 4, Ftr x 15 –  see Ftr pictures 1 – 9 below.  See Spicy Pumpkin pictures below from this point on: bring work to meet at the ends, forming a loop by sl st into the top/4th ch (where it meets the 1st Ftr) at the beginning of this row (pic 10).

Row 2: Ch 3, * FPtr, BPtr *, repeat * * until end of row (pics 11 – 13).  Join with sl st to 3rd ch at beginning of this row, joining your work again.

Row 3-5: repeat Row 2 (pics 14 – 15).

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of approx 20-25cm (pic 16).  Thread this tail onto the needle and stitch up the base of pumpkin by catching the edge of the stitches of Row 5 until the gap closes – pull tight and stitch to hold (pics 17 – 18). 

Poke the needle and yarn end inside and through to the other side of the pumpkin.  Stuff the pumpkin well with the recycled stuffing, then stitch the top of the pumpkin as per the base (pics 19 – 20).  When you reach where the other yarn end is, you can tie the two yarn ends together for extra strength (pic 21).  Leave a small gap to add the cinnamon stick stalk, tie yarn around the cinnamon and stitch, tie around again and stitch to secure (pic 22).  Sew in yarn end(s) and hide (pic 23).  

Position cinnamon stick and shape pumpkin to your satisfaction!

You can make larger versions by increasing the stitch and row count.  I made a larger one with a double rib effect, by using a 2 FPtr, 2 BPtr repeating pattern.  It had 28 stitches including starting ch.  I started Row 2 with 3 Ch, 1 FPtr, 2 BPtr, 2 FPtr….and so on, finishing the row with 1 FPtr to join with a sl st to the 3rd Ch of the row.  I repeated this row until I had a higher amount of rows (just) than the folded width of the crocheted work.

Happy Autumn & Halloween!

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