Crafting Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Steal Someone Else’s Glitter 

Crafting Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Steal Someone Else’s Glitter 

Crafting is a wonderful world of imagination, creativity, and self-expression. It’s a space where we can let our ideas flow and transform simple materials into works of art. Glitter, with its dazzling allure and enchanting sparkle, has become a staple in the crafting realm. However, as we explore the realms of creativity, there’s an important commandment that all crafters should hold dear: “Thou shalt not steal someone else’s glitter.” 

1. Respect the Sparkle Sovereignty: Imagine spending hours meticulously sorting through glitter shades, carefully curating the perfect combination for your masterpiece. Now, envision someone else swooping in and helping themselves to your carefully selected glitter without permission. Just as we respect personal space and belongings, we should extend that courtesy to our fellow crafters’ supplies. Always ask for permission before using someone else’s materials, especially something as personal as their glitter stash. 

2. Glitter is a Reflection of Personality: Glitter isn’t just a decorative element; it’s a reflection of personal taste and creativity. When you take someone else’s glitter, you’re essentially taking a piece of their artistic identity. Each crafter’s collection is a unique palette of inspiration, and using someone else’s glitter without consent can lead to feelings of frustration and intrusion. 

3. Sharing is Caring, but Consent is Key: Crafting communities are often built on a foundation of camaraderie and shared ideas. Sharing supplies and knowledge is a beautiful aspect of this world. However, the golden rule here is consent. If you’re itching to use someone’s glitter or any other crafting material, simply ask. A simple “Can I borrow some glitter?” can go a long way in maintaining a respectful and supportive crafting environment. 

4. Embrace the Glitter Diversity: Just as there are countless shades and sizes of glitter, there’s also an abundance of ways to use it. Rather than swiping someone else’s glitter, explore your own creativity and come up with a combination that resonates with your project. Experimenting with different glitter types can lead to unexpected and delightful results that are entirely your own. 

5. The Glitter Karma Effect: Remember that what goes around, comes around. If you treat fellow crafters and their supplies with respect, you’re likely to receive the same treatment in return. Building positive relationships within the crafting community is not only rewarding but also beneficial for your own creative journey. 

So, though the glitter bottle is small, it carries with it a significant message about respect, consent, and the importance of individuality. By adhering to the commandment of not stealing someone else’s glitter, you contribute to a crafting atmosphere that’s based on mutual admiration, inspiration, and creative growth. So, let’s embrace our individual glitters and create beautiful masterpieces together, one respectful glitter at a time. 

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