Draw Yourself Calm – Edge Pattern Demonstration

Draw Yourself Calm – Edge Pattern Demonstration

Draw Yourself Calm by Amy Maricle welcomes readers into the mindful practice of slow drawing with 25 beautiful patterns inspired by nature. A practical and effective book for increasing creativity while reducing stress.

Below Amy show’s you a sped up attempt at the ‘Edge Pattern’. Remember, Draw Yourself Calm is all about slow drawing! What takes 43 seconds to demonstrate here, actually took 30 minutes to draw!

Shorts of other patterns in the book

The inspiration for this pattern is the edges of flower petals and mountains – they have beautiful dips, heights and ridges that create interesting lines.

Amy says: ‘The Edge pattern brings up some powerful metaphors. Edges suggest limits, fear and growth. For me, practicing slow drawing helps me push the boundaries of mindfulness in art and, increasingly, in other parts of my life.’

Amy’s book, Draw Yourself Calm (RRP £12.99), is available to purchase from Search Press.

About Draw Yourself Calm

With all the stimulation and stress of daily life, we each need to find ways of slowing down. Drawing simple, repetitive shapes relaxes the brain: attention flows away from sources of stress and centres on the act of putting pen to paper.

The book is organized into three sections. The introduction covers slow drawing and mindfulness, and how to weave slow drawing into everyday life. Chapter 1 dives into slow drawing warm-ups and exercises aimed at helping readers notice what they see, feel, and hear while they draw. Chapter 2 takes the reader through 25 elegant and inspiring patterns of all kinds. These patterns can be approached in any order, and readers can choose how best to fit slow drawing into their lives, whether through daily or weekly drawing.

Amy Maricle offers a playful, no-right-or-wrong approach that empowers readers to slow draw in a way that is creative, but not pressure-filled. This book offers a space for readers to nurture themselves creatively and spiritually by providing all the tools and inspiration needed to develop a slow drawing practice.

About Amy Maricle

Based in southeastern Massachusetts in the US, Amy Maricle, LMHC, ATR-BC is an artist, art therapist and licensed mental health counsellor who teaches people the art of slowing down to create playful, meaningful art. She blogs and teaches classes online at mindfulartstudio.com, and her writing and art have been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Psych Central, Art Journaling magazine, Brush magazine and Spirituality & Health Online.

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