Make the Most of a Day at a Craft Show! 

Make the Most of a Day at a Craft Show! 

We asked Terri Highnett – part of the Creative Craft team at ICHF for her top tips! 

Hi Terri! How would you recommend someone should be ready to visit a craft show? 

Preparation is key!  You need to make sure you plan your day – so you don’t miss any demos, workshops or speakers. It’s really easy to get lost in the aisles and spend hours looking over new tools  or kits – so get a Show Guide when you arrive or see if you can access information online before you get there and make a plan of attack for your day! 

Also make sure you can carry everything you buy – see if your craft show has a shop and drop area or purchase a shopper or very large bag before you arrive. It’s also a great tip to make sure you have cash with you – as some smaller stands may not be able to take cards!

How should they navigate their way around? 

Save your biggest or heaviest purchases to last if you can – so you aren’t carrying them around all day. Take time so have a look at the layout of the event and perhaps do a quick sweep first and not down any stand numbers that catch your eye – then you can work your way back round. Remember craft shows often offer lots more than just shopping, so check the maps and see where display and workshop areas are to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Is there help available for people should they need help finding a particular stand? 

Absolutely! Show Guides will contain maps or you can ask show organisers or venue staff – they will always be happy to help! ICHF shows always have an Organiser’s Office you can check in with if you have any problems – from lost property to transport queries. 

What are your key tips for making the most of a craft show? 

  1. Be open to anything! You may discover a brand new hobby or obsession by trying something new. 
  1. Plan your day! Craft events can be huge and you don’t want to find yourself at the wrong end of a hall 5 minutes before your next workshop starts. 
  1. Bring your friends! A craft show is a great day out and it’s always good to have someone to offer advice on your next purchase. 
  1. Eat a big breakfast, bring a packed lunch or be prepared for queues for food and seats at busy meal times. 
  1. Make new friends! Guilds and clubs will often be looking for new members plus you’ll be meeting like-minded people who love the same things you do! 

Thanks Terri! 

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